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How do you create and savor the good life?

Everyone wants the good life, right? Fabulous days filled with friendship and success; kind, curious & be-you-tiful children; and joyful energy to spare!

How do you craft up all that and more when you're an active woman and CEO (Chief-Everything-Outstanding) to your children?

Wouldn't it be great to have daring techniques, superpower tips, and simple memory builders that help you feel energized, organized, and present in the fleeting moments of motherhood?

Wonder Lovelies geeks out about successful techniques from business and science and applies them to motherhood.

Best of all, these superpowers are simple to build into your life and give to your children.

Yes, you can create a well-crafted life, one where your children will love looking back on the celebrations and superpowers you've shared with them.

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Wonder Lovelies with ChristineWelcome to Wonder Lovelies! I'm Christine, mama to 3, in love with the sweet connection between inner-childhood and motherhood. Oh, and finding the perfect savory techniques of leadership that mothers need. Let's dig into the goody bag and mom-up our superpowers together!