Branding is one of the biggest buzzwords in business and entrepreneurship right now. And it’s something that’s great for you, too.

In business, branding is a company’s visual personality, like the color scheme, logo, and website that communicates its values. Think… Fun! Inspiring. Woo-woo? You’ll see it and feel it.

In fact, the best branding quickly communicates values and mood. In just a few seconds branding either appeals to you or repels you. That’s powerful.

Wow! Do Moms Need to Think About Branding?

Yes, because you have the world’s most important job – really and truly! Just think about the power of reflecting that to everyone. Consistent and strong branding builds success around you. And that strengthens you and your kids. In my book, that’s right up there with the loveliness of sunshine, chocolate, and hugs.

With just a little time, your unique branding is easy to enhance and refresh as your children grow each year. Up-to-date branding celebrates your vibrant personality and reflects your most-cherished values. They’re both important for your children to know about their most awe-inspiring mom and to cultivate in themselves.

Love in a Sweet Brand

For example, there’s a tea & honey shop in my quaint Upstate town that radiates its brand perfectly. It’s part rustic elegance with wooden floors and airy, open shelves, and part exotic shimmer with rows of large silver canisters filled with lusciously-named tea leaves. There’s a brew master who’ll brew a tea for you while you nibble on honey-baked pastries. You can sample delicious honey blends in a cozy back room that’s decorated with local artwork. It’s a little piece of heaven where I bring all of my Upstate visitors. Their branding makes you feel like you found an exotic treasure and a place to pamper your taste buds. It’s vacation at home!

You’re a Brand Master

That’s right, you’re already a pro at this. Back in middle school, high school, and college you created your branding instinctively. You had Hello Kitty pencils. Or you vied for a Varsity letter. Perhaps, you wore blue eyeliner because all your friends did. Your self-expression and activities were part of your brand and your branding attracted people to you. You had fun… you grew… and you loved discovering yourself.

Keep growing your brand to highlight your growth as a woman with an entourage (of kids).

Refresh your Ideal Brand

It doesn’t take long to decide how to best express your personality. Start by doing more of what makes you feel fabulous and brings out the best in yourself and others. You’re sure to inspire and strengthen your kids with that first step. Want more?

Here are 10 tips and a free fun sheet to strengthen your brand:

  1. Decide what your top 10 values are… adventure, creativity, peace, service, strength, respect, wealth… You choose.
  2. List what makes you a great friend.
  3. Think about how you like to dress and how you can add little updates every so often.
  4. Declutter, so that you have room to bring in new gear and experiences.
  5. Upgrade tiny things to better reflect your personality. Even small purchases can make you glow… buy a new scarf, a new notebook to doodle in, or a new song for your playlist.
  6. Think about what your kids could be saying about you at school and be your best self around them. If you’ve ever volunteered at school, you know that kids say the strangest things about what goes on at home – unprompted!
  7. Read new blogs, books, and magazines to get fresh ideas flowing around you.
  8. Visit your dream stores online. You can begin to gather ideas to improve yourself even if you can’t shop there – yet.
  9. Create a vision board on Pinterest to pin items that look like a dream for you. Have fun with this!
  10. Celebrate your children with refreshed love every day.

10 Branding Tips for Moms

Most importantly, be the YOU you love to love! When you let your leadership shine in your brand, your kids will follow your lead and learn to create their own unique branding. You might be surprised at the little glimpses of you you’ll see in them. That’s the power of branding.

xoxo, Christine

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