There’re so many fabulous details about you that your kids would love to know. Sure, they already love you! But they should also know that you’re a brilliant woman with plenty of favorites that brighten your day. And quirks that make you real.

When your kids know some of these fabulous details about you, they’ll begin to see you as their loving mom and as a adventurous and growing person, just like they are. Have fun being their inspiration!

How Fabulous are You?

Over the years, I’ve learned that my kids have had favorite toes (really!), that they’d love to drive around the world in a car, that they dream of holding their breath for two minutes. And they know that I love stretching out under the stars, that I’ve never had a cavity, and that I’d love to meet Lyle Lovett (SWOON). I think we’re all a little bit more amazed by each other knowing some of the, well, odd little details.

Have fun sharing your must-know details with your kids.

Here are 26 details that you and your kids could explore about each other.

Host a fun interview session, or fill a jar with questions to pull and answer at dinner. You’ll be surprised at what you learn!

  1. A character in a book who you’d love to be.
  2. Your favorite pair of shoes.
  3. A musician you’d love to meet.
  4. The favorite kid who you babysat.
  5. A habit that makes you feel good.
  6. Your favorite quote.
  7. The details of your dream bathroom.
  8. Your favorite sport and coach.
  9. The world record you’d love to break.
  10. If you ever had a gerbil or other small pet as a child.
  11. Your comfort food.
  12. Someone at work you admire.
  13. Your favorite cupcake.
  14. How many jobs you’ve had.
  15. If you’ve ever been in a car wreck.
  16. A color you would never wear.
  17. How many cavities you’ve had.
  18. Something you’re an expert in.
  19. How many kids you thought you’d have.
  20. A nature sound that soothes you.
  21. Your favorite perfume.
  22. Pumpkin or pecan pie?
  23. Real books or e-books?
  24. How old you were when you had your first kiss.
  25. How many cousins you have.
  26. The shirt you love most on your kids.

There’s no limit to the fun and serious details your kids (and you) should know. Just add some fun stories to go along with your facts and favorites. They’re worth sharing because you’re more than just their favorite mom. You’re all the lovely details that make you, you!

xoxo, Chrisitne

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