There’s a vivacious mama in my book club who’s built up a lifestyle-making career around her motherhood. When her daughter entered elementary school, she branded herself as the family event planner. Don’t you think that’s a stunning idea?!

As an older mom, Sofie’s focus has been to revel in her motherhood.  She drew upon her career experience in the paid working world and named her new venture. She even had a friend create a logo.  How cool is that?

Her company name is along the lines of “Maddie Events.” With every email, she announces her motherhood as her professional venture.  Her branding says that she takes serious focus on her family and the events that fill up their lives now.

It gives her room to develop her skills and interests around her vital role.

Every brand tells a story about what it does and where it’s going. Moms are here to focus on the beautiful, fun moments of childhood, and on our influence on the future, aren’t we?  That should be the basis of your brand.

Give mindful focus to your motherhood.

Are you a laboratory? A studio?  A venture?  A sweet shop? A developer? Add your favorite activities into your new brand name and title!

This is a perfect activity to brainstorm with your friends (over a glass of wine)! Or, you can see where your kids’ creativity can take you.

I’d love to hear your brand name in the comments below. Have you given your motherhood a brand name?

xoxo, Christine

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