26 Fabulous Details About You that your Kids Must Know

There’re so many fabulous details about you that your kids would love to know. Sure, you’re loved as their mom, but they should also know that you’re a brilliant woman with plenty of favorites that brighten your day, and quirks that make you real. When your kids know some of these fabulous details about you, […]

29 simple outings for moms and kids

Oh, the giggles and love shared during outings for moms and kids!Read more

Imagine an inspiring outing that makes you feel youthful and loved… There’s no fuss about perfect hair, no fear of rejection, no “will we keep in touch?” Just good vibes and loving thoughts, laughs and ahas. We all need these simple wins. You can create these wins for yourself and your children – the more, […]

Top 5 Handwriting Classes for Beautiful Love Letters

Oh beautiful handwriting, oh happy day!Read more

I bet you remember your elementary school handwriting lessons. You oh-so-carefully traced and copied a’s and c’s, o’s and h’s. They were beautiful! And then you tried to make your m’s and n’s look different from each other… how many humps is that? You began to connect letters into words and then wrote in your […]

Sneak a Peek at Grandma’s Love Letters

No better words than "Love, Grandma" at Wonder Lovelies.Read more

Think of your favorite childhood memories with your grandmother… I bet they send a loving glow throughout your body.  You smell her cooking and hear her singing. You feel her kisses and infinite love. Those were simple and beautiful times!   They’re joyful feelings that you want your children to have, too. These days, grandma […]

Loving paper memories, loving love letters

I admit it, I love paper… love letters… note cards… notebooks… magazines…  Paper holds memories! I especially love going over the memories I’ve captured in note cards, notebooks, and paper.  In fact, if you’ve ever sent me a card – birthday, holiday, or wedding invitation – I’ve got it in an archival box in my […]