Sneak a Peek at Grandma’s Love Letters

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Think of your favorite childhood memories with your grandmother… I bet they send a loving glow throughout your body.  You smell her cooking and hear her singing. You feel her kisses and infinite love. Those were simple and beautiful times!   They’re joyful feelings that you want your children to have, too. These days, grandma […]

Loving paper memories, loving love letters

I admit it, I love paper… love letters… note cards… notebooks… magazines…  Paper holds memories! I especially love going over the memories I’ve captured in note cards, notebooks, and paper.  In fact, if you’ve ever sent me a card – birthday, holiday, or wedding invitation – I’ve got it in an archival box in my […]

Sharing Leap Day 2016

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It’s Leap Day, which brings out the genealogy junkie in me.  Partly because this day is so rare, and partly because my kids are always asking, “Did you have this back in the olden days?”  And with Leap Day during a year they will remember, we’re having fun playing it up! “Oh, we had gum, […]

Sprinkle In Your Mom Life Lessons

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Aren’t you amazed about just how big of a role model you are in your own home?  Every day is sprinkled with all those vital life lessons amid the laundry and the homework.  They really add up.  I must admit, that it took me many years to realize how much my daily actions make an […]

Add brand spice to your motherhood lifestyle

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There’s a vivacious mama in my book club who’s built up a lifestyle-making career around her motherhood. When her daughter entered elementary school, she branded herself as the family event planner. Don’t you think that’s a stunning idea?! As an older mom, Sofie’s focus has been to revel in her motherhood.  She drew upon her […]