Holiday memories full of love

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Hope you’re having a merry holiday season! Getting together with family and friends is a perfect time for making beautiful memories.  There’s always something that makes the season special for each person in your family… gingerbread houses… a special ornament… seeing your friends’ holiday photos.  If you’re like my family, there will be some hilarious […]

5 Books to Boost Your Mother-Loving Life

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Over the past few years I’ve finally found time to pick up books that aren’t from the children’s aisles – yay! It’s so sweet to join the kids during their 20-minutes-of-reading homework all cuddled up on the couch.  That’s a little piece of heaven and good parenting all in one cuddle. I’m learning such great […]

The Start-Up Recipe for Mom Success

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Over the years, I’ve been on a recipe hunt for yummy meals that my kids will eat, as well as sweet ideas that will help me feel more successful as a mom.  Full tummies are happy tummies, and new ideas make this mama happy. As I’ve googled for recipes and new ideas, I’ve been amazed […]

12 Personality Traits Great Leaders and Mothers Share

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Every mother I know strives to be a great leader.  Great leaders get things done.  Great leaders build fantastic teams.  Great leaders get bonuses! Great leaders and great mothers know they need a strong personality to lead their team to success. For us mothers, our bonuses most often come in hugs and kisses and cooperation.  […]

Design Principles for Every Mother

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When you and your children roam the magical echoing halls of a museum, you’re quietly absorbing design rules that heighten your view of art, culture, and science. There are 10 design rules from industrial designer Dieter Rams that are fundamental to helping a project make an impact. As a mom, you can use these 10 […]