When you and your children roam the magical echoing halls of a museum, you’re quietly absorbing design rules that heighten your view of art, culture, and science. There are 10 design rules from industrial designer Dieter Rams that are fundamental to helping a project make an impact.

As a mom, you can use these 10 rules to help you design the vibrancy you want in motherhood. They’re as basic as:

  1. Good motherhood is innovative.  Whenever you think of new ways to share the world with your child you are rocking rule #1.
  2. Good motherhood makes something useful.  You are learning how to make childhood experiences and your little people useful.  This is good.
  3. Good motherhood is aesthetic.  When you look good, you feel good.  “Appearance is always a factor in primate hierarchy—how we approach others and think of them in our internal mind mapping of people and prestige,” says Margaret J. King, PhD, director of the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis.
  4. Good motherhood makes a product understandable.  This works for learning to teach your child how to conquer the world, as well as making your child understandable to the world.
  5. Good motherhood is unobtrusive.  This is a tricky one sometimes, but letting your kids fumble their way through some of their own adventures really promotes growth.
  6. Good motherhood is honest.  Your children will learn true compassion and kindness when you are honest with them about your amazing self.
  7. Good motherhood is long lasting.  You really only directly impact your child for 18 years, but you want the memories to carry through a lifetime or two.
  8. Good motherhood is thorough.  Love and listen completely. . . remember, just 18 fast-flying years!
  9. Good mothering is environmentally friendly.  Reduce, recycle, and reuse for your children’s future.
  10. Good mothering is as little as possible.  Relax and enjoy mothering in the moment.  And don’t be that helicopter mom.

So the next time you ask yourself, “How’s my motherhood mission going?” you can think about your progress in the light of good design principles. Less is more. Timeless, not trendy. Think good motherhood!

xo, Christine

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