10 Simple Hobbies for Kids and Moms

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Don’t you love learning about your friends’ hobbies? They’re like the secret-superhero of each person you know. Some of these hobbies might have started out as hobbies for kids and moms. I have friends who are master gardeners… car photographers… ultra-runners… sip-n-painters… mosaic makers… bakers… Harley riders… crazy-good knitters… a haiku poet… and an actress. […]

29 simple outings for moms and kids

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Imagine an inspiring outing that makes you feel youthful and loved… There’s no fuss about perfect hair, no fear of rejection, no “will we keep in touch?” Just good vibes and loving thoughts, laughs and ahas. We all need these simple wins. You can create these wins for yourself and your children – the more, […]

Holiday memories full of love

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Hope you’re having a merry holiday season! Getting together with family and friends is a perfect time for making beautiful memories.  There’s always something that makes the season special for each person in your family… gingerbread houses… a special ornament… seeing your friends’ holiday photos.  If you’re like my family, there will be some hilarious […]