10 Simple Branding Tips to Feel Like a Brand New Mom

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Branding is one of the biggest buzzwords in business and entrepreneurship right now. And it’s something that’s great for you, too. In business, branding is a company’s visual personality, like the color scheme, logo, and website that communicates its values. Think… Fun! Inspiring. Woo-woo? You’ll see it and feel it. In fact, the best branding […]

10 Simple Hobbies for Kids and Moms

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Don’t you love learning about your friends’ hobbies? They’re like the secret-superhero of each person you know. Some of these hobbies might have started out as hobbies for kids and moms. I have friends who are master gardeners… car photographers… ultra-runners… sip-n-painters… mosaic makers… bakers… Harley riders… crazy-good knitters… a haiku poet… and an actress. […]

26 Fabulous Details About You that your Kids Must Know

There’re so many fabulous details about you that your kids would love to know. Sure, they already love you! But they should also know that you’re a brilliant woman with plenty of favorites that brighten your day. And quirks that make you real. When your kids know some of these fabulous details about you, they’ll […]

29 simple outings for moms and kids

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Imagine an inspiring outing that makes you feel youthful and loved… There’s no fuss about perfect hair, no fear of rejection, no “will we keep in touch?” Just good vibes and loving thoughts, laughs and ahas. We all need these simple wins. You can create these wins for yourself and your children – the more, […]

Sprinkle In Your Mom Life Lessons

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Aren’t you amazed about just how big of a role model you are in your own home?  Every day is sprinkled with all those vital life lessons amid the laundry and the homework.  They really add up.  I must admit, that it took me many years to realize how much my daily actions make an […]