I admit it, I love paper… love letters… note cards… notebooks… magazines…  Paper holds memories!

I especially love going over the memories I’ve captured in note cards, notebooks, and paper.  In fact, if you’ve ever sent me a card – birthday, holiday, or wedding invitation – I’ve got it in an archival box in my closet.  It drives my husband crazy, but actually he sent me travel postcards (which are in a box)!

Oddly, my kids recycle their school papers as quickly as they can.  But, I find them and pull out the really great ones to keep – in a box in my closet.

Don’t you think there are many good reasons to love paper?  You can practice your handwriting.  You can analyze your handwriting!  You can find hints about the beauty of your days woven together into your life… in a notebook.

Don’t you just love finding your kids’ scribbles in random books and on pieces of paper?  You can touch their growth.  You can put things into perspective.  You can breathe in the life you’ve built together.  It’s right there in your hands.

Your paper choices are a unique expression of you, too. You can buy only FSC-Certified, recycled paper, full of flecks of papers mingled together.  Or you can make something extra special with 100% cotton paper.  And, how about the luxurious feeling of Crane’s papers?!  Swoon!

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