I’m sure when you began your journey as a mother you looked forward to 365 days of cuddles and kisses, giggles and wonder, love and dreams each year.  Those growing fingers and imagination are wonderfully intoxicating. Couldn’t you just live in the Land of Nod catalog where adventures and colorful dreams take front stage?

Surprise, something spectacular has happened to you, too! You’ve become more. You know that you’ve become more creative, more generous, and certainly more patient. The list of more could go on and on (and often does). Do you feel more? You are, you are!

Your motherhood journey is like that of an entrepreneur

More means that you are the #1 leader of your children. You’re essentially as important as an entrepreneur of a startup in the truest sense.

According to Eric Reis, entrepreneur and author of The Lean Startup, an entrepreneur is a visionary who takes bold risks and looks for innovative solutions.

I hope you see yourself and other moms you know in this definition.

Motherhood is certainly as demanding as a startup. Success in motherhood, as in a startup, is built upon setting up a team with a mission, assigning roles, and developing processes to achieve performance milestones.

Becoming a mom – the leader of your startup – requires the regular development of new skills, just as in school and the paid work world. In your motherhood startup, leadership training is vital to feeling successful. You’ve got this!

Wonder Lovelies is here to help you amp up motherhood with leadership and management ideas used by Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups.  Your journey as a mother can be improved each day. Because your motherhood life is yours to build along with your children, baby step by baby step.

Looking at yourself as the leader of a startup, where do you think you can grow the most?

xo, Christine

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