Hey there, welcome to Wonder Lovelies! We’re all about inspired mamas who savor each delectable moment of life and want to feel successful building a growing team. So glad you’re here!

Wonder Lovelies began from a growing collection of multi-colored post-it notes that held all of the amazing and funny things that my kids did and said. They were just so hard to keep organized after the stickiness wore off… enter the creation of Wonder Lovelies Love Letters!

They’re designed to help you lovingly lead your children and honor your stories together because… you really won’t believe how fast childhood flies by! As a mom, all those amazing things you did as a child are highlighted by the new adventures of your kids. You need to share them together while they’re still as fresh as spring rain. You’ll be so glad that you began your Wonder Lovelies love letter tradition today!

Wonder Lovelies is the perfect gift for you because:

  • you love your children & want them to discover all of your creative awesomeness
  • they’re a unique birthday gift for your children
  • you want to feel even more successful as a mom & would love leadership strategies
  • they’re a great gift for yourself on Mother’s Day
  • you can’t believe how fast your children are growing up & want to build a vibrant connection that grows over a lifetime
  • they’re perfect for celebrating a new school year

Mostly, Wonder Lovelies celebrates the tantalizing moments of laughter, adventure, and wonder that fill a mom’s life. Think dancing champagne bubbles and bubble baths celebrating your life. You definitely want more of those bubbles!

On the blog, we’ll also nibble on research-backed leadership morsels to build up the success of the entire family. Imagine a life built upon simple strategies to be adventurous, inspired, and organized. You can be the mother you’d love to be!

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Hey there!Hi, I’m Christine, goodness maker at Wonder Lovelies. I’m an adventure-loving wife and mama to 3 children (plus 2 dachshunds and 2 chickens – I’d really love an alpaca or 2). I began my journey as a mom over 25 years ago while a student at the University of Texas at Austin. Those challenging years were the springboard for a life of increasing adventure and love. After 8 years exploring the globe from bases in France, Germany, and Singapore, our family is adventuring in Upstate NY.

I’d love to meet you and celebrate all those little moments of motherhood. Say hello whenever you stop by!

xoxo, Christine

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Things I believe & love:

  1. I believe that mothers are the leaders of the next generation.
  2. I love laughing with my kids every day.
  3. I’m fascinated by the way children think.
  4. I believe that it’s the million little moments that make you feel loved.
  5. It’s amazing, but I still remember the love notes my friend Holly’s mom packed in her 4th grade lunchbox.
  6. I believe that we’re spirits in a body, not bodies with a spirit.
  7. As a child, I wanted to be an astronaut (…I still want to be one).
  8. I have a large (and heavy) collection of rocks.  Love ’em!
  9. After living and eating in France, I’m a serious Francophile.  J’adore la France.
  10. I love to run and cycle. Sometimes I compete. Sometimes I place 3rd!
  11. I’m addicted to taking photos of bikes and cars… oh, and old buildings.
  12. I’ll forever be a student of design and coding – I love learning!
  13. I looooove flowers.
  14. My oldest daughter still talks about her girls’ nights with mom. Winning!
  15. I love to travel.  Especially if it involves seeing rocks.
  16. My favorite childhood memory is of the starry Texas sky at my grandparents’ farm.
  17. I mooooo at cows when I drive past them.  See above.
  18. Spending every waking moment outside is a dream (I’m that gal enthusiastically endorsing sunscreen).