Creative 5th Grade Love Letters * gift box

Can you believe that your child is about to finish elementary school?! Fifth grade is a great year of new directions and budding independence.  Encourage those big dreams, happy interests, and new accomplishments with your very own monthly love letter. You’ll be glad you’ve taken the time to open up conversations and create more beautiful memories.

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Give yourself the perfect gift box to celebrate fifth grade together – your ideas, accomplishments, and quirkiness. Your fifth grade love letters gift box will arrive at your home ready to share together. Oh, you’re a great gift giver!

Included in the 5th Grade Collection:

You’ll get 14 giclée printed love letters on 100% cotton paper (this saves trees). You can make this the ultimate year to strengthen your growing relationship with your child!

  • activities love letter
  • awesomeness love letter
  • birthdays love letter
  • favorites love letter
  • friendships love letter
  • goals love letter
  • inspiration love letter
  • mom and me love letter
  • money love letter
  • responsibilities love letter
  • school love letter
  • our wishes love letter
  • *bonus* free form love letter

How it works :: Give – Share – Love

Your 5th grade love letters will be giclée printed on 100% cotton card stock paper and will arrive in a gift box along with a classic-style clipboard made of recycled fibers in the USA. You’ll treasure your love letters for years to come (we do)!

Display them on the family chalkboard or in a frame in the family room. Save them in a colorful binder or memory box. You’ll always be glad that you built this collection!

Imagine looking back on your child’s beautiful ideas each month and each year! You’ll be the BEST. MAMA. EVER.

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