Wondrous 1st Grade Love Letters * printable pdfs


Create your own mother-child tradition celebrating the wondrous little moments of first grade. You’ll love when they begin to read along with you and creatively spell the wondrous thoughts in their heads. If only you could bottle up all those ideas and energy!

You’ll get each love letter in 3 colors – perky pink, great green, and bold blue – for your child to choose.

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Celebrate your child’s enthusiastic days in a keepsake gift of 14 first grade love letters.

Each time you share them together, you’ll encourage big dreams, happy interests, and new accomplishments in little moments throughout the year.

Imagine looking back at your keepsake souvenirs and monthly memories of first grade. You’re sure to create and share beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Included in the First Grade Love Letter Collection:

You’ll get 12 monthly + 2 bonus printable first grade love letters in PDF. Get ready to ooh and aah over your life together.

  • activities love letter
  • awesomeness love letter
  • birthdays love letter
  • favorites love letter
  • friendships love letter
  • goals love letter
  • gratitude love letter
  • mom and me love letter
  • money love letter
  • responsibilities love letter
  • school love letter
  • our wishes love letter
  • *bonus* monthly portrait love letter
  • *bonus* free form love letter

How it works :: Download – Print – Share – Admire

Wonder Lovelies love letters are a digital PDF file product, delivered instantly to your home.

Download your monthly love letter. It’s in a printable pdf that can be printed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program.

Print one 1st grade love letter on card stock from your favorite hobby store, or splurge on 100% cotton card stock paper. You’ll want to save them for that high school graduation party.

Simply take a few moments each month (on a rainy day, on your child’s monthly birth date, just before bed on Sunday night…) to share your stories together. It really only takes a few moments.

Then display them on the family chalkboard or in a frame in the family room.

Make sure to save them together in a colorful binder or memory box to build your collection.

Imagine looking back on your child’s beautiful ideas each month and each year…  What a treasured gift for the both of you.

These files are for personal use only to be shared with your wonderful children. Go ahead and share the Wonder Lovelies website with your friends.

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