It’s Leap Day, which brings out the genealogy junkie in me.  Partly because this day is so rare, and partly because my kids are always asking, “Did you have this back in the olden days?”  And with Leap Day during a year they will remember, we’re having fun playing it up!

“Oh, we had gum, but we only had one phone – and it was attached to a wall.” “What?!”


Of course, that makes you just giggle doesn’t it?


They’re really asking what were YOU like mama? How amazing was your life? Who are you?


“What’s your favorite color?”


“You walked to school?”


“You saw the first Star Wars?!”


Childhood holds some wonderful things to talk about.  And your memories make you just a little bit like your children in their eyes. They picture the child in you and combine that with the loving mama in front of them. They can appreciate the full spectrum of living – cherishing the moments built into us, while savoring the little moments together.


I often wish I had more of those moments with my parents and grandparents – saved for my children would’ve been even better!

Our little town is celebrating with Leap Day of Kindness, and we’re sharing that with you.  So here’s a free printable to save these moments of Leap Day 2016.  (It looks great printed on card stock on an ink jet printer.)


xoxo, Christine

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