Think of your favorite childhood memories with your grandmother… I bet they send a loving glow throughout your body.  You smell her cooking and hear her singing. You feel her kisses and infinite love. Those were simple and beautiful times!

This is the best time to share love letters with your Grandmother, Nana, or Oma!
Give the love letter that every Grandma, Nana, and Oma wants this year!


They’re joyful feelings that you want your children to have, too. These days, grandma may live in another city or state, so time together is precious.

How can you strengthen their unique connection?

Sharing stories about the good ol’ days

When I was a child, my grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. PD robs movement and speech from its victims.

Grandma was a Texas farmer’s wife, keeping house and home, garden and grandchildren. She always had fresh-baked bread, cakes, and canning projects swirling around her.

I loved how she made us matching dresses and taught me to sew. She had unlimited adventures and chores for us when we visited. She loved to look at photos and tell stories about her family and friends.

As her PD progressed over 2 decades, she wrote letters as a form of occupational therapy. I still have and treasure her letters. They gave me a glimpse into her daily life while I was off living mine.

I still have Grandma in my heart and home because of her letters. I feel blessed to have her loving ideas, stories, and handwriting to share with my children. And I like to think that she knew that her legacy was us – all 18 grandchildren – and the stories we tell about her to her great-grandchildren. (She has 5 great-granddaughters named Olivia after her!)

Make connection simple

Encouraging your children and mother to create a love letter tradition is possibly the best idea you can have! Think of all the sweet childhood memories that will come up – for both of them.  Hugs all around!

You can use this free Wonder Lovelies Grandma Love Letter as a simple start. They’ll have fun doing it together and have a beautiful souvenir to keep. You might even be delighted and surprised by new stories from both generations!

xoxo, Christine

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