Over the years, I’ve been on a recipe hunt for yummy meals that my kids will eat, as well as sweet ideas that will help me feel more successful as a mom.  Full tummies are happy tummies, and new ideas make this mama happy.

As I’ve googled for recipes and new ideas, I’ve been amazed at how the start-up method is completely applicable to motherhood.   There’s the spark of ideas, the crazy day-to-day dilemmas that are faced, the rush of adrenalin, and the sense of accomplishment.

Isn’t that exactly what your day is like?  You’re trying to build a team of independent thinkers who you’re proud to go out into the outside world.  You’re building the next big thing.

There’s so much buzz these days about start-ups and women entrepreneurs.  They live fast-paced lives, meet interesting people, and impact the future.  And they’re just like you.  Sara Blakely. . . she wears spanxx.

The success strategies of the celebrated entrepreneur, like Sara Blakely, can really help you.  It’s as simple as following the “recipe” for being an entrepreneur that can help you develop into a feel-like-a-billion-dollar-successful mom –  deep down in your heart and in your children’s eyes.

I’ve done the research for you, ’cause I love researching new ideas.  So, here are 7 key ingredients to the recipe to building a successful mama start-up:

  1. Define your mission
  2. Set your vision
  3. Build a team
  4. Create your pitch
  5. Build a network
  6. Pivot when necessary
  7. Find a mentor/be a mentor


Over the next 7 weeks, I’ll go into depth about bringing these ingredients into your life and upping your success factor.  Don’t miss a tip – sign up to receive each strategy straight into your inbox.

xo, Christine

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