I bet you remember your elementary school handwriting lessons. You oh-so-carefully traced and copied a’s and c’s, o’s and h’s. They were beautiful!

Oh happy day!

And then you tried to make your m’s and n’s look different from each other… how many humps is that?

You began to connect letters into words and then wrote in your own unique style… bubbly, elegant, or chicken scratchy.

Flash forward to today’s homework

Now, you’re encouraging your kids to use cursive handwriting and S-L-O-W down.

“I can just type!” you hear over and over. It can be maddening.

There are spectacular reasons to learn cursive handwriting.  According to Dr. Barbara Oakley, a professor of Engineering at UC San Diego, handwriting your notes helps you learn better.  That’s good to know!

And how many times have you been curious about handwriting analysis?  What’s your handwriting saying about you?

Beautiful handwriting is trending

When you’re sharing love letters with your children, you’ll want to use your finest handwriting. Here are some of my favorite online handwriting classes that you can explore. Bonus: Your children can take them with you! (I’m not an affiliate partner with any of these women, just a fan.)

  • Emily at Jones Design Company has a wonderful Simplified Penmanship Class. I’ve been following Emily’s inspiring blog for years and have taken some of her courses. I love her style and so do Bill and Melinda Gates – she addresses their Holiday Cards.
  • Caroline Kelso Winegeart offers a very affordable Better Lettering Course at her creative website, Made Vibrant.
  • There are many beautiful lettering courses at Brit+Co that you can take to expand your talents.
  • Bianca Mascorro offers 3 calligraphy courses at CreativeLive. Is it time to get fancy?
  • Skillshare has numerous lettering courses ranging from watercolor calligraphy to swooshes. How fun!

Improve your handwriting in these online courses.

Oh la la, you look amazing!

There’s sure to be a class above that you can fit into your schedule and budget.  And your kids can do them with you, so you can practice side-by-side.

You’ll be happy each month for investing in a little pleasure that also embellishes your new love letter collection.

Beautiful life, beautiful love letters!

xoxo, Christine


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